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I WAS SAVED AND BAPTIZED in 1980, at 23 years of age, through an outpost mission in the small communities Stora Höga and Stenungsund, driven by the Pentecostal Assembly in Kungälv, in the west coast of Sweden. They were gathering in the homes and held simple house-meetings at first, and in this genuine family-fellowship, quite a lot of both young and middle aged people got saved at that time. LATER ON THE MISSION moved to a hired house in the center of Stenungsund, where we continued our simple house-meetings another year or so, and even more people got saved. The rumour got out about a revival, and people were drawn to us from the neighburing villages. The small house used to be packed, and we were singing and playing, praising God and listening to preaching and free testimonies, and afterwards, or sometimes during the meetings, we had meals together, and felt as one great and happy family... (Read whole story at my website.)

Sunday, February 12, 2006


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